Bush/McCain/Palin Effectively Above the Law

Glenn Greenwald, writing for Salon, takes aim at the apparent lawlessness of Republican politicians.

It is illegal in the State of Alaska to fail to comply with legislative subpoenas. But Todd Palin has announced he will do exactly that which the law prohibits for one simple reason — because nothing can be done about it until after the election, and even then, it’s unlikely much will be done to punish him for breaking the law. Sarah Palin has similarly ordered all of her aides to refuse to comply with these subpoenas even though doing so is illegal, because she, too, doubts there will be consequences for this illegal behavior. Or, as Bill O’Reilly put it in his righteous Rule of Law tirade: “I’m going to do it anyway. I dare you to come get me.”

… [W]ith the heavy involvement of the McCain campaign, Gov. Palin has embraced core GOP “principles” — political officials can unilaterally exempt themselves from the rule of law and the people, through their elected representatives in the legislature, are powerless to learn what their political leaders have done. That, of course, has been the guiding principle of the Bush administration — as one Bush official after the next has simply refused to comply with Congressional subpoenas as part of investigations into serious allegations of lawbreaking and other wrongdoing — and the McCain campaign and the Palins are leaving no doubt that they are full-fledged believers in these corrupt and lawless prerogatives.

Read, baby, read:

The Bush/McCain/Palin contempt for subpoenas and the rule of law


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