Anti-Islam Film Targets “Swing State” Voters

The politics of hate continues, and everybody wants a piece of the action. This time, GOP-supporting anti-Islam extremists are spreading campaign poison throughout the all-important swing states.

From the Inter Press Service:

Millions of voters in U.S. states crucial to this falls presidential election received DVD copies of a controversial documentary film as advertising inserts in their morning newspapers over the past week, with more expected to be sent out over the upcoming weekend.

The 2006 film, “Obsession: Radical Islams War Against the West”, which has been accused by critics of encouraging Islamophobia, was reportedly delivered, or slated for delivery this weekend, into tens of millions of households in states such as Ohio, Michigan, Florida, Colorado, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Missouri and other “swing states” that dont vote consistently for either party and usually decide elections.

Republicans and their candidate, Sen. John McCain, have made the battling the threat posed by radical Islamists a central platform of their campaign, while presenting their Democratic rival, Sen. Barack Obama, as being weak on the issue. Obama has also fought off persistent “smear” campaigns, particularly among Jewish voters, that he is a closet Muslim.

Gregory Ross, the spokesman for the Clarion group, which produced and is distributing the DVD, told the Harrisburg Patriot-News that the movie was being delivered to 28 million homes throughout the month of September and that the intention was not to sway voters to either candidate.

The Clarion Fund is a shadowy non-profit group created to “educate Americans about issues of national security,” according to its website. The staff and organisational information of the group is not listed on the website.

Clarion Fund was founded by the writer and executive produce of “Obsession”, Israeli-Canadian Raphael Shore. The group also runs the website — an educational site which implores its readers to “take action against radical Islam” by exploring its resources under four headings: “fueling terror”, “Sharia law”, “vote 2008”, and “radical Islam overview.”

Because of Clarion Funds non-profit, tax-exempt status, it is not permitted to sway voters in a partisan manner. But reportedly was, until it was recently pointed out in the media, carrying an article that explicitly endorsed Sen. John McCain.

Read it:

POLITICS-US: Anti-Islam Film Targets “Swing State” Voters


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