Job-Safety Experts Protest ‘Secret Rule’ in US House

The Bushies are working against you again. 

The following comes from Mike Hall, who writes for the AFL-CIO Now Blog:

For nearly eight years, the Bush administration has buried or delayed every possible proposed rule—usually at the behest of its Big Business allies—that would protect the health and safety of workers.

Now, with time running out, Bush’s Department of Labor is bull-rushing a new standard that is “unfounded, unsound and harmful to workers,” AFL-CIO Safety and Health Director Peg Seminario told the House Workforce Protections Subcommittee this morning.

The controversial “secret rule” could lead to increased exposure of workers to dangerous chemicals and toxins by changing the way worker exposure is measured. The proposed rule also would make it more difficult for the next administration to enact new safety rules and, said Seminario, add as much as two years of delay to an already glacial process and result in unnecessary death and disease for workers.

The rule was pushed by Bush political appointees over the objections of career health and safety professionals and kept secret until media reports in July revealed the plan.

Read it, and remember that the largely anti-regulation McCain voted with the Bush administration more than 90 percent of the time: 

Job Safety Experts Protest ‘Secret Rule’ in House Subcommittee Hearing.


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