The Advocate Celebrates Ellen & Portia’s Nuptials

GLBT newsmagazine the Advocate explores the cultural significance of the recent “I do”s of longtime loves Ellen DeGeneres and Portia DeRossi in an enthusiastic and uplifting article by Michele Kort. The piece appears in the issue dated October 7, 2008, but it’s online now.

A wee taste: 

It was an archetypal People celebrity wedding featuring two of the beautiful people, one in pants and the other in a gown, and a dreamy setting with flowers, champagne, candlelight, the whole romantic nine yards. No expense spared, no fabulous purveyor left unmentioned. (Mark’s Garden! Zac Posen! Neil Lane!) The only thing missing: a groom.

But People hardly noticed.

… What was once California dreaming has turned into a Golden State reality, and leading the way down the aisle — as she has, so to speak, for the past decade of gay progress — is DeGeneres.
Read it:

As Ellen Goes, So Goes the Nation |


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