Pax Americana: The GOP/Neo-con Manipulative Power-Grab Continues

Yes, yes, there are conspiracy theories, and many of them come from crackpots. The Pax Americana story is no crackpot theory, and it continues, providing frightening clues to future GOP plans involving even the 2008 US presidential race. And, oh yeah, world peace (or the lack therof). The following comes from the Perryscope blog:

Just as Pax Americana I started with a sneak attack on Pearl Harbor, Pax Americana II can be said to have started with another sneak attack, this time against the World Trade Center in Manhattan and the Pentagon in Washington DC, symbols of American economic and military power, respectively, on September 11, 2001.

In a bizarre turn of events, the neo-conservatives, who are the chief architects of Pax Americana II, actually wrote in their manifesto of September 2000 – one full year before 9/11 – that for their objectives to be accepted by the American public, they needed “a new Pearl Harbor.” Osama bin Laden and his al-Qaeda Islamists unwittingly provided that “new Pearl Harbor,” which became the justification for going to war against Islamic extremists.

Foremost among the neo-cons’ objectives was/is to “establish full military control of the Middle East,” which explains the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and, possibly soon, Iran. The goal, of course, is to control the oil. It is no coincidence that VP Dick Cheney used to be CEO of oil giant Halliburton, that George W. Bush was CE0 of two smaller Texas oil firms, and that Condoleeza Rice used to be connected with Chevron, (One Chevron tanker is named after her.)

Pax Americana II may achieve strategic victory if and when Osama bin Laden and/or his deputy Ayman al-Zwahiri are/is killed or captured, and the neo-cons want to achieve that victory in the weeks before the Nov. 4 presidential elections to ensure the triumph of the McCain-Palin team and, through them, the continuation of the neo-con agenda.

Read it:

Pax Americana II by Antonio C. Abaya

And, from Huffington Post, various commentaries on how the neocon agenda is harming the US:


Robert Creamer: Why the Financial Meltdown Reflects the Fundamental Failure of the Bush-McCain Economic Philosophy

The American mortgage market now provides us with another clear example of how the fundamental premise of right-wing economic thought is dead wrong. 

John Cusack: The Final Distraction: McCain/Palin Worse Than Bush

Not just more of the same — worse than the same. The Republicans have been ruinous and most of it stems from an ideology that leaves the government in ruins. McCain has been on board hook, line and sinker. 

Mitchell Bard: Why McCain’s “Fundamentals of the Economy Are Strong” Remark Was in Line with His Strategy

McCain is telling U.S. citizens that things are fine, we can drill for our own oil, and we really don’t have to make any major changes to our way of doing things. Oh, and we’re going to win in Iraq, too! 

Les Gara: Karl Rove in Alaska? McCain’s Spin and Interference With Bi-Partisan “Troopergate” Investigation

McCain’s folks have come to my small state to attack my friends, and people I respect, for political gain. In my book, that’s not OK.


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