Palin: An Anti-Woman Female Candidate

Mainstream media: Mary Mapes wants you to take a break from celebutizing Sarah “Pitbull” Palin.

We really don’t need to know anything more about the Sarah Palin celebrity action figure.

We don’t need to know where she buys her glasses, when she decided to start wearing her hair in an up-do or how she handles the demands of motherhood and government work.

We don’t even need to hear her answers on energy policy, the Iraq war or God’s will.

What an awful lot of voters really need to know about Palin may already have been revealed — years ago — by one dark and unforgivable policy instituted under her watch as mayor of the small town of Wasilla.

After taking office in 1996, she allowed the town’s police department to begin charging rape victims for the forensic work done in their cases. She signed off on the budget that detailed the new police policy — a directive instituted by her hand-picked police chief after she fired his predecessor. The unexplained reversal in Wasilla’s procedure dictated that rape victims, unlike the victims of other crimes, now would have to pay for the investigative work done at the crime scene.

In a rape case, of course, the crime scene is the woman’s body.

The story Mapes talks about is disgusting. Read it and inform the ignorant:

Palin’s Fetal Position


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