Only Michael Vick Needs a Pit Bull

Saw this interesting comment on my pol-blog travels this evening and had to share it:

My mom was a hockey mom.

She wasn’t a pit bull, a liar or a con artist.
She was a ”reformed Republican.” She had a brain.

Not half a brain like those buying into this Palin Project at the same time America is coming apart at the seams. The closest thing to “a mountain being removed and be thou cast into the sea” in her view of the world, would have been Lehman Bros. “Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain” she once joked, referring to John McCain.

Mom was more like a smart Golden Retriever; loyal and kind, but tough with anyone unreasonable. She looked out for the common person with a deep spirit of compassion and volunteered to help the less fortunate. In in the late 60’s she tutored underprivileged kids of a different race. I went with her, still remembering how we had to lock the car doors once we entered into that neighborhood.

She went to church, but didn”t wave her hands to the sky during the service like a lunatic. Mom taught us to beware of a wacko.

Pit bulls are the most dangerous, vicious dogs on the planet. I know dogs and I know people.

And Sarah Palin, you are no Golden Retriever.


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