More from ABC Palin Interview

A roundup of items regarding the ABC Sarah Palin interview… 

The easiest thing is to watch the whole shebang: ABC’s site has the entire broadcast interview available for viewing.

ABC News also presents what it calls “full excerpts.”

The “Mark Levin Show” offers a complete transcript of the first sit-down that includes portions edited out of the broadcast. (Shame on ABC. Is this a journalistic dirty trick from the Katie Couric/John McCain playbook?)  MUST-READ.

From the NYT, not a transcript from the second and third rounds, but a play-by-play with commentary.

An excerpt:

Mr. Gibson asked her about “troopergate,” which involves whether she abused her office in having a state trooper, who was involved in a messy divorce from Ms. Palin’s sister, fired. According to The Associated Press, 13 people, including her husband, are about to be subpoenaed in the case.

Ms. Palin defended her actions, saying the trooper had made threats against her family but also that he had not been fired.

“The trooper in question here did conduct dangerous and illegal activities. And our personal security detail, when I was first elected, had asked us, very appropriately, ‘Are there any threats against you and your family?’ And I said, ‘Well, you know, ironically, yeah, it’s a state trooper who’s threatened to kill my dad and bring down me and once I got elected.’”

She said she had not pressured the public safety commissioner to fire the trooper. “I never pressured him to hire or fire anybody,” she said. She said she did replace that commissioner after his two years in her cabinet because “he wasn’t meeting the goals I wanted met in that area of public service, there were a lot of things that we were lacking.”

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