ABC’s Palin Interview Structured For Manipulation On-The-Fly

View from the Ridge, a blog I discovered while surfing this morning, has an interesting take on the Charles Gibson/Sarah Palin interview, which is being conducted and aired in separate segments.

An excerpt from “Palin Interview Structured for Manipulation on the Fly”:

By airing the interview in chunks across a 28 and 1/2 hour news cycle starting tonight at 6:30, ABC News will also be able to fine tune the editorial content to the reaction of the press and public if executives feel the need. [Emphasis by the blog author, not AF&O]

…[B]y breaking the interview up the way it is, ABC executives can alter and balance the ratio of what it airs as they go along. If blog reviews tonight say Gibson was too harsh, ABC execs can feature some of the less contentious moments starting on Good Morning America tomorrow. Ditto for World News Friday. And then, they get the final edit for 20/20 tonight at 10 — after a full day in which to gauge the reaction to Gibson’s performance. Not to mention all the different demographics they will be reaching throughout the day and night.

View from the Ridge worries that this is a prime example of media bias in action. I tend to agree. Read VFTR’s complete post yourself:

ABC: Palin Interview Structured For Manipulation On-The-Fly « View From The Ridge.


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