Video Music: Mmmm, Joni & Etana…

The sidebar links connect you to all kinds of great videos on different subjects, but from time to time, if someone sends us something absolutely delicious, it will be posted right here so you can bathe in the wonderfulness. Please feel free to send stuff… if we like it, we’ll put it in our playlist and perhaps share it on this very page.

Today, I want to share two very different videos by two electrifying performers and songwriters from different generations.

The first gem, from 1965, came from the Folk DJ e-list to which GDPR belongs. It features a very young Joni Mitchell from the time when her surname was still Anderson. Pump up the volume on this one, but it’s well worth it.


The next is my favorite song of summer 2008. It’s fun, rhythmic, positive and infectious. It’s Jamaican sensation Etana and her reggae hit “Roots.” 



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