Happy Anniversary, Soulforce!

Mel White and me in at Soulforce action in Lynchburg, VA, 1998

Mel White and me in Lynchburg, VA, 1998

The realization hit this morning that this year marks the tenth anniversary of Soulforce, the direct-action civil-rights group founded by the Rev. Mel White and Gary Nixon. The justice-minded organization, which uses and teaches Gandhian principles of nonviolence, exists to stand up for GLBT equality in the nation’s churches — fighting intolerance with relentless love, admirable persistence, and a willingness to be arrested if necessary.  Its membership — my much-missed family — is made up of diverse people: gay, het, bi, trans, young, old, single, married, and they are a wonderful crew. I was there with them in the beginning and, sadly, my personal misfortunes have kept me away for a few years now, but my support remains constant and my love for Mel and Gary and all involved only increases as the years go by. But a decade… time certainly flies.

In honor of my beloved Soulforce, I want to share this tenth anniversary video produced by the organization. Join in the fight to make US churches finally become what Jesus wanted his churches to be — loving places where all are welcomed and respected equally. The next 10 years surely will be even better: Check out their youth initiatives and Equality Ride. And do what you can to make the nation’s faith communities more loving places for everyone.

Happy anniversary, Soulforce!

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