Take Action for Peace with CODE PINK & the Million Doors Campaign

I’ll put this into the action alert center, but wanted to place it here as well. It comes from the mighty CODE PINK FOR PEACE: Do some good and stand against the Republican-sponsored violence against people performing their journalistic duties and exercising their First Amendment rights.

UPDATE: The school session is TONIGHT (9/10/08)!


On Thursday night, as John McCain made his acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention, two CODEPINK women — Liz Hourican and Nancy Mancias — interrupted his speech by calling for an end to the occupation of Iraq. The previous evening, CODEPINK co-founders Medea Benjamin and Jodie Evans were dragged from the Republican National Convention after disrupting Sarah Palin’s speech

Both CODEPINK teams were shocked by the magnitude of sheer, raw, hatred channeled in their direction. Even before they stood up to say “Palin is Not a Woman’s Choice“, they felt great animosity emanating from the hall; they felt it in the delegates’ chanting of “Drill, Baby Drill” from the floor, and in the vicious rhetoric of the speeches on stage. And of course all of us in St. Paul felt the threat of brutality on the streets as we faced row upon row of police in full riot gear and watched police raid non-violent peace gatherings. Four CODEPINKers were arrested at the RNC, as were hundreds of other protestors, many of whom are still in custody (or whose belongings have not been returned upon release.)

You can provide solidarity and support for those arrested by contacting the Mayor of Minneapolis, R.T. Rybak, by phone (612-673-2100) or email (c/o helen.simrill@ci.minneoplis.mnuf) and the Mayor of St. Paul, Chris Coleman (651-266-8510) to demand the release of detained protestors and their belongings, and the dismissal of all charges against peaceful protesters. Your calls and emails will help keep the voice of protest alive.

I’ll also mention the Million Doors for Peace campaign. The goal of this multi-organizational event is to get canvassers to knock on lots of doors (or contact people by phone) to talk with neighbors face-to-face on September 20 to spread the message of peace and the need to end the Iraq occupation (we can assume most of these people will not be McCain/Palin supporters). Canvassers will ask folks to sign a petition that reads:


Members of the United States Congress:

The five and a half years of war in Iraq has been an exercise of misplaced priorities:

  • Draining U.S. taxpayers of at least three trillion dollars which could have gone towards investments that strengthen our economy, such as: health care for our families, ensuring the best education for our children and youth, and addressing the energy crisis.
  • Resulting in hundreds of thousands of American and Iraqi’s dead and wounded.
  • And undermining the United States’ standing as a worldwide symbol for democracy and justice.
  • Because of these reasons, the majority of American and Iraqi people want the United States to begin a withdrawal of American troops from Iraq as soon as possible, with a date certain for completing that process.

    Therefore, we, the undersigned, call on [Rep. / Sen. NAME] to immediately support and pass legislation that will set a specific date to bring U.S. troops home from Iraq within a year.


    Democracy for America is helping by offering its “Night School,” an online course in canvassing and volunteer recruitment that will enable people to be as prepared for this challenging one-day community-service action as possible. I’ve signed up for it and hope you and your associates will too. Here is the info:


    Register for DFA’s Night School!

    Event Date: Sep 10, 2008
    Event Time: 8:30 PM EDT
    Venue Name: 888-346-3950
    Passcode: 404034 #
    Website: blogtalkradio.com/DemocracyForAmerica/2008/09/11/DFA-Night-School-Volunteers

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