POW Says McCain is Unfit for Command

Mr. Anger Management has told us time and again how his five years as a heavily tortured prisoner of war makes him an expert on all things military and qualifies him to be president.

I don’t think so. But hey, if you are okay with war and inclined to kiss the rear ends of soldiers, you’re not likely to trust the opinions of a pacifist progressive anyway. Instead, watch the following presentation by Brave New Films and hear what Dr. Philip Butler, a sociologist, a career Navy man, and one of John McCain’s fellow POWs in Vietnam, has to say on the matter:

It’s obvious that McCain went through literal hell while in captivity and it is a terrible shame that he had to endure such atrocities. No one deserves such treatment. But, as former general Wesley Clark noted (and for which he was crucified — don’t dare say something true about a “war hero”), being shot down out of the sky and held prisoner and tortured does not necessarily qualify a person to be president or “leader of the free world.” And the John McCain who emerged from confinement strikes me as a seriously damaged man seething with rage. Which is understandable: How could one walk away from such a horrid experience without being fundamentally changed? There would have to be some residual anger and serious psychological scarring. And the war-embracing McCain shows signs that he was negatively affected by the terrible things done to him. You can see it, if you pay attention, in his dealings with people, in the way he has treated both of his wives and the way in which he talks about them, in a recent Time Magazine interview… this is one angry man. People filled with repressed rage can do dangerous and reckless things when they’re under stress.

So. Tell me, and really think about it before answering: Do you trust McCain with The Button? Would you want to wake him at 3 am?

Not me, baby, not me. The risk is much too great. He could bite my head off. Or far, far worse.

More info at the site for “The Real John McCain.”


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