Hurricane Dean Heads for Mexico… & other AM Headlines

After giving the Caribbean islands a jolt of death and destruction, Dean turns its eye toward the US’ neighbors to the south… and Texas residents are getting ready, just in case. FEMA chief says, “We are ready.”

Hurricane Dean Heads to Yucatan After Hitting Jamaica – Bloomberg

Bad News Turns Worse at Utah Mine:

After the tragic deaths of three rescuers, it appears mine officials are losing hope in finding the six miners now trapped underground for more than a week. The affected families have a different take on the situation.

Mine VP: Hope is fading for miners – CNN

Headshrinkers compromise over torture:

The American Psychological Association refused to forbid its members from taking part in government interrogations of military prisoners during its San Francisco confab. However, it did ban participation in mock executions, waterboarding and other tactics employed during questioning.

Psych roles in military torture limited – Australian Age

Sanctuary’s End:

An illegal immigrant who stayed in a Chicago church for a year to avoid separation from her US-born 8-year-old son, was arrested Sunday and slated for deportation.

Immigration activist arrested in LA – AP

Endeavour Heads Homeward:

Space shuttle Endeavour left the International Space Station a day ahead of schedule on Sunday and began its journey home to get the jump on what looked to be a diminishing threat from Hurricane Dean.

Space shuttle leaves station – Reuters

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