Act for Justice

From The Armchair Activist and Human Rights Campaign


The fight is on. I am calling on you and everyone you know to stand up for making justice for all a reality in the US. Please follow this link and take action to demand an end to the proposed Federal Marriage Amendment (aka Unequal Rights Amendment) and a beginning for marriage equality.

My goal is to recruit 1000 people to the Million for Marriage effort. Please join us.


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  1. add your pebbles to the avalanche has been following the gay marriage debate, and links (scroll down) to further coverage and activism by the Human Rights Campaign and GLAAD. HRC offers excellent background on the issue, the arguments and the politics, including a clickab…

  2. Gaaaah. There’s a gremlin in my MT that keeps claiming the ping failed when it really worked, and I keep forgetting to delete the urls from the ping window. Sorry.

  3. Fight Bigotry

    I took action this morning. One suggestion: use the letter proposed by the advocacy site as a guide, and edit it to contain your own words to increase the odds that your members of Congress will pay more attention to the message.

  4. Thank you! Come on, there must be others.

  5. I don’t think the FMA will pass, and I think it will backfire on the president and those who support it.