Haiku for Alastair

A belated happy birthday to sublime singer-songwriter-guitarist Al Stewart (“Year of the Cat” and a massive number of even better songs), who celebrated his 58th on Sept. 5. A few years back, I wrote a poem for Al, and in honor of the occasion, thought I’d share it today:

famous last words 

light tenor soothes, warms
scottish bard sings grown-up tales

Tonight, I’m knocking back some sparkling apple cider and listening to FLW, my friend. Hoping the fam is well and that we get to hang out over a fab bottle of wine again soon.

Update: This just came in the inbox: Disc jockey John Rose will celebrate Al’s 58th birthday on his radio program “Hidden Treasures.” The show is broadcast today (and every Monday) from noon to 4 PM CST — and you can hear it online. If you want to make any requests, feel free to do so by sending e-mail to John or by calling 312-413-2191 during the broadcast. Do take a listen — “Hidden Treasures” is a marvelous show, and this birthday program makes for a terrific opportunity to see what all the fuss surrounding Mr. Stewart is all about. If you’ve only heard “Year of the Cat” and “Time Passages,” you really owe it to yourself to give a listen to the rest of his repertoire. You won’t be disappointed, I guarantee you.


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