VP Debate: Palin’s Questionable Substance

On one front, Palin did not disappoint: She remains a habitual liar, a flip-flopper and someone who has no idea what she’s saying.

In the debate, she espoused strong support for equal benefits for same sex couples. But Palin told the Anchorage Daily News, “I believe spousal benefits are reserved for married citizens on (sic) our Constitution.”

Palin sidestepped Biden’s claim that McCain argued against greater regulation on Wall Street, contributing to the debt crisis. Palin’s claim is that McCain supported the Federal Housing Enterprise Regulatory Reform Act of 2005, which would have created a new government agency to oversee Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and other federal housing programs. In fact, the bill would have done nothing to stop the rash of predatory subprime lending that preceded the housing bubble. It only provided oversight for Fannie and Freddie – but it said nothing at all about the companies that issued subprime mortgages. So while Palin brought it up as an example of how McCain is the “re-regulator,” she avoided Biden’s straight rebuttal.

by Charley James in LA Progressive: Sarah Lives to Gaffe Another Day

3 responses to “VP Debate: Palin’s Questionable Substance

  1. Now I don’t know if I’d call me a flip-flopper or anything like the John Kerrys of 2004 and the yesteryear who ran in 2004 against George Bush now because you know, really, by golly, I represent some real change and me and my running mate John Mccain are really running mates and we’re Mavericks, both of us, he’s from the Senate and I’m from the governor of Alaska and I just think that calling me a flip-flopper is just not making any sense at all, because I answered every question and I had my little cards out that my kids spilled some peanut butter on but I still think I could read them fine, with the answers and everything because I am ready to be the Vice President if my name should be called by the Americans when they vote for the President in November for the Presidential election.

  2. Well, golly gee, aren’t you adorable!

  3. Palin is almost a Stand up comedy girl! =D

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